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About Field Trips and Farm Visits

Moonwater Farm offers outdoor educational programs that can be tailored to your group age and size. The visit includes a farm tour, a hands on workshop, as well as some food sampling. Our Farm Manager will customize the visit according to each group’s goals, interests, and time frame.


Scheduling Your Field Trip

Field trips are generally available 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. If you have special scheduling requests let us know and we may be able to make adjustments. 



Prices are sliding scale and we are flexible depending on how long the field trip lasts, how many participants, what type of activity, and if we provide plant-based snacks from the farm.


Payments should be received in advance, made payable to Moonwater Farm.  Fees are fully refundable if a trip is canceled by Moonwater Farm and in cases of extreme weather and/or emergency school closing. 50% will be refunded if the trip is canceled by the school/ group.

Field Trip Focus Topics Include:
  • Exploring soil and compost

  • Planting and transplanting

  • Learning about bees, bugs, and worms

  • Understanding food sources and food apartheid

  • Investigating ecosystems and sustainability

  • Learning to love vegetables

  • How to become an urban farmer

  • Mapping a garden

If you would like to schedule a visit contact us via phone or email so we can put together a meaningful visit. Please note that all youth visitors must have their parent or guardian complete a waiver before they arrive on the farm.

Group Size

Groups larger than 25 should contact the Farm Manager at to make special arrangements.


For Pre-K through 5th grade, there should be a minimum of one, and no more than two adults for every five students.

For 6th through 12th grade, there should be a minimum of one, and no more than two adults for every ten students.

Adults include teachers, administrators, parents, and teacher aides.


What To Wear 

A Moonwater Farm field trip is an outdoor experience, rain or shine (except during severe weather such as lightning or heat advisories, in which case we will relocate into indoor spaces when possible until the conditions are safe). Visitors should dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes for walking in grass, mud, and dirt paths.

Visitors are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles, sunscreen. All visitors must sign a waiver before their visit. Minors require a parent/guardian’s signature.


How to Prepare Your Students

We’d appreciate your help preparing your students for the trip by sharing our farm’s rules with them before they arrive:

  • Keep your feet on the paths to avoid trampling any plants growing in the raised garden beds.

  • Ask permission before picking and eating any produce or using any tools.

  • Leave sticks, woodchips, and rocks on the ground.

  • Try out a new food and be polite if it’s not your favorite. Keep “gross,” “yuck,” or “nasty”  to yourself – you might influence someone else to not like it. Don't yuck my yum!

  • Stay calm around insects and animals.

  • Practice active listening, be curious, and ask questions!

How to Prepare Your Chaperones

We love working with enthusiastic chaperones who help their youth enjoy the farm! We like to remind our adult guests of a few guidelines before the trip:

  • Help youth stay safe on the farm by monitoring their movements – reminding them to stay on the paths, not throw sticks or rocks, and to be cautious when using tools.

  • Please help maximize student learning by letting the youth answer the questions and allowing them to experience the activities first.

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for trying new experiences and tastes by either working alongside the youth or keeping quiet about your own likes and dislikes.

  • Help us practice environmental responsibility by reminding youth to only use one drinking cup while visiting and to pick up any litter they generate.

Getting To The Farm

We are located in a residential neighborhood of Compton known as Richland Farm.  Map link for directions:


Visitors, please park along Alondra and NOT on Raymond Street as it is permitted parking. You will be ticketed and possibly towed.

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