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So looking forward to having you back for our Seventh summer camp experience!

If you've been before - you know, if it's your first time, you're in for a treat.


See below for this year's dates and offerings

All weeks include snacks, drinks, lunch, and materials for projects throughout the weeks.

$475 per week

Financial support available for those in need (see registration form)

Have Questions - don't hesitate to email us at


June 27 - June 30

Teen/Young Adult 14 -21

9am - 4pm

Youth Leadership Development is a week of skill-building and team collaboration to support young people (14 and older) in developing and showcasing their leadership skills. Workshops focus on camper management, operational needs gender, and racial equity, and developing instructional skills. This year youth will be certified in CPR.

Teens will lend a hand in planning and instructing workshops, pitch in to help with check-in, lunch and lead all camp games. They will provide mentorship, support, and leadership to younger campers for other weeks of Farm Camp and receive a small stipend.


July 5 - July 8

Ages 5-8

9am - 3 pm

This week focuses on emerging land stewards ages 5-9! The week is filled with activities that support young children explore the living world and their place in it. They will have time up close and personal with farm animals, a chance to learn about plants, make healthy food, and explore the role of insects, water, and recycling.

This week may include:

  • Petting goats

  • Cooking yummy food

  • Exploring the garden

  • Making milk paint




July 11 - July 15

Ages 9-13

9am - 3 pm

Chop it! Mix it! Spice it up! Let’s take a hands-on journey around the world and explore the important role of food in history and modern culture. A delicious week designed to unlock the modern cultural influences of food and art. Check out 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic traditions, the African Diaspora, or Asian delicacies. This year, we'll be adding more details and complexity for returning and older campers.

This week may include:

  • The history of chocolate

  • Foods of the African Diaspora

  • Self-discovery through art & movement

  • Fermenting vegetables


July 18 - July 22

Ages 9-13

9am - 3 pm

This week offers students time to really get to know all the more-than-human critters of our world. We will explore food and fiber,  spending time wildcrafting, harvesting fruits and veggies, as well as cooking delicious plant-based lunches. This year, we'll be adding more details and complexity for returning and older campers.

The week may include:

  • Learning about reptiles, chickens, goats, or rabbits

  • Planting vegetable beds

  • Wildcrafting

  • Textile arts



July 25 - July 29

Ages 9 -13

9am - 3 pm

A lively exploration of science and technology - be prepared to experiment, create, investigate and dissect. This week youth will also work with a practicing artist and find their own creative talent. We have an array of talented scientists dropping their knowledge through fun workshops, a great ending for a stimulating summer experience. This year, we'll be adding more details and complexity for returning and older campers.

The week may include:

  • Testing and correcting our aquaponic system

  • Understanding the carbon cycle

  • Creating an Indigo Vat


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