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Are parents expected to participate, or is this a drop-off program?

You have the option of staying for the duration of the class or dropping your student(s) off.


Where do we park?

Do to our equestrian neighbors our street is a no-parking zone. However, parking is available just north of Moonwater on Alondra.  The walk is approximately one city block. Carpooling and public transportation are always recommended.


What is your address?

We are located at 544 West Raymond St, Compton, CA 90220


What are class hours?

Class hours are Thursdays and Fridays from 10am – 12:00pm or 1pm - 3pm. We recommend that all students arrive no later than 10  minutes BEFORE as class will begin promptly at 10am or 1PM. For the sake of all children in this learning experience, we hope that you can respect the expectation of timeliness, as we would like to avoid as many distractions as possible.


May we attend on a different day?

It is possible to schedule private group classes on alternate days. Additionally, we also offer urban agriculture courses, which don’t include the culinary component and farm camp during the spring and summer. Please inquire for more details.


Are there make-up days?

Unfortunately, we do not have a make-up schedule. It is possible to schedule private classes at your home or location,  for an additional fee.

Can classes be taken remotely?

We do offer an option for in-home/small group lessons at your location. Please inquire for more details.


Is this a petting zoo?

Moonwater is an agricultural learning farm. There are goats and chickens, but they do not serve an entertainment purpose. Please be mindful of these conscious beings and respect their space while here.  We require that parents accompany their children to any animal dwelling areas. We also ask that they not be picked up, chased or in any other way antagonized.


Do you offer financial assistance?

We are vendors with iLead, Inspire and Valiant Charter Schools. We do have limited scholarships available for those not enrolled in a charter program. Please inquire for more details.


Do these classes include CA state standards?

Yes, while it is impossible to cover all standards for all grade levels, we work to address CA common core standards with every lesson. Those standards covered are communicated with every lesson.


What is the class schedule?

Here is the class schedule, which is subject to change.

In addition to our in-class lessons, students will have grade-level specific questions to take home and answer, as part our participant’s investigative and fact-finding responsibilities.


Lesson 1: Let’s Hope it Rots/Let’s Eat Dirt 

Lesson 2: Worms and Their Critter Companions /Anatomy of a Worm 

Lesson 3: Bug Buffet – Building a Compost Pile… and a Worm Bin 

Lesson 4: Watch It Grow… Or Not 

Lesson 5: Three Sisters Garden

Lesson 6: Herbal Tea Lab

Lesson 7. Exploring Food Preservation

Lesson 8: Critter Safari


Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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